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Our company that works with business partners in the international standards serves its customers with its respected, reliable, innovative and quality-focused approach and highly qualified team spirit in line with its vision.
Our Quality Policy Principles;

Considering customer requirements, customer-oriented, provide quality service, giving attention to the thoughts and opinions of our customers and for the purpose of this is to create a system that uses feedback for continuous improvement, continuous work to maintain and improve the number of loyal customers,
To ensure the health, safety, the present and the future of our employees. Organizing educational and personal development activities to enhance motivation, satisfaction and loyalty to the company. Therefore, information in accordance with the principle of transparent management, shared responsibility with the team spirit is constantly dynamic.
Our processes in line with internationally accepted standards offer the highest level of efficiency that will carry the service. Ensure continuous improvement by systematically analysing the performance of our processes, 
To establish and maintain beneficial relationships with business partners,
With respect to society and the environment, comply with applicable laws and regulations,