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Ümsa Investment Inc. 
The Ümsa Investment Inc. has a century commercial life, has laid the foundations by Fevzi Sarıtaşlı and he is also the company's founder. In the later period with the increased business lines, the company has inherited the name of Ümit Sarıtaşlı who has taken over the leadership.
Today, the company has been leading by Tunahan Sarıtaşlı. The ongoing business life of the company include 3 generations and it has been operated in different sectors like media, coal-glass-parquet, furniture and automotive industries. Today, Ümsa Investment Inc. has three subsidiaries in Tobacco, Tourism, and Construction sectors. In the mentioned sectors, the partnership with Philip Morris and Hilton Worldwide have been a powerful reflection of the company’s reputation. 
The company has been employing 500 people in total in Samsun, Tokat and, Sinop. Ümsa Investment has given positive acceleration to its success with new targets. The aim as a corporation with a strong financial structure and sustainable growth and profit, socially responsible, focused on caring for employees is that creates resources for sustainable improvements and to perpetuate the importance of change with a team that believes in power of being change maker.
Since 1995, we are one of the most powerful partners of Philip Morris in Turkey and we represent the brand in Samsun, Tokat and Sinop with a strong team. Ümsa Tobacco is focused on sustainable growth by increasing sales volume and the purpose of being better than ever. At the same time, it has earned tax breaks in successive years in the regions it operates by providing added value to the state with the revenues obtained.

In 2011, ÜMSA Hotel has signed a partnership with Hilton Worldwide, one of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world. As a result of this, Hampton by Hilton Samsun were laid foundation, has opened its doors to guests in March 2014. It offers modern accommodation for business travellers or trippers. It is located at equal distance from the city centre and the airport. Hampton by Hilton Samsun appeals to guests who has different purpose of visit in the city.
Since 2000, Ümsa Construction has been operating with infrastructure and superstructure projects in various provinces of Turkey. In the construction sector, It completes all projects with a reliable structure without harm to people and the environment, the purpose of providing superior services in terms of time and quality. Ümsa Construction is a reputable construction company continues to operate with its corporate identity. 
The rate of employment creation in the construction sector is greater than the other sectors. Therefore, each new project will add more value to the country's economy. Our goal is to add value to the cities where we operate. Our mission towards business partners and employees is quality projects with a professional management approach that is aimed at sustainable growth. Our professional management creates a difference in every area of advancing act in unison their employees.