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ÜMSA Investment Inc. 
The ÜMSA Investment Inc. has a century commercial life, was founded by Fevzi Sarıtaşlı. The ongoing business life of the company include 3 generations and it has been operated in different sectors like media, coal-glass-parquet, furniture and automotive industries. Today, ÜMSA Investment Inc. has three subsidiaries in Tobacco, Tourism, and Construction sectors. In the mentioned sectors, ÜMSA has been maintaining the business partnership with Philip Morris and Hilton Worldwide for many years. 
The company has been employing more than 500 people in Ankara, Samsun, Tokat, Amasya and Sinop. ÜMSA Investment gives positive acceleration to its success with new targets. The ultimate aim as being a socially responsible corporation with a strong financial structure and sustainable growth and profit, focused on caring for employees is that creates resources for sustainable improvements and to perpetuate the importance of change with a team that believes in power of being change maker.